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WebQuests and Virtual Tours

A WebQuest is an inquiry-based lesson in which learners work collaboratively and most or all of the information they work with is online. WebQuests present a task and provide students with the resources needed to complete it. Rather than spend time locating information, students are able to focus on the information itself. As students read, evaluate, and synthesize information, they practice critical thinking skills and self-directed learning behaviors. For further information and examples of WebQuests, visit

Virtual Field Trips provide the opportunity for students to go on a field trip without ever leaving the school. They can be teacher-led, using the computer/projector in the music room, or can be student-led with individuals or partners working independently. Virtual Field Trips take students to pre-selected websites with tasks to complete, and information to find, along the way.


4th Grade

WebQuest: Musical Instruments
A nearby music school and university have teamed up to provide music instruction for underprivileged children. Children work with volunteer teachers 6 days a week, playing on donated instruments. An anonymous donor has offered to donate $10,000 to buy musical instruments so that more children can participate in this exciting program. Program organizers have requested a balance between instruments in all four instrument families and the donor has requested that children choose which instruments to buy. Students, working in groups, will research brass, string, woodwind and brass families, select instruments from each family, and create a proposal recommending instruments to buy.

5th grade

WebQuest: A New Voyage
When Voyager 1 and 2 took off in 1977, music from around the world went along for the ride. Scientists believed the spaceships would have enough power to send information to Earth until 2025 but both ships have suddenly lost power. Scientists at NASA are now building new spaceships to take over. Like Voyager 1 and 2, scientists want to put music on board, but time is running out. Students, working in groups, will research Baroque, Classic, Romantic and Modern period composers and their music, then select one composer and musical example from each time period to represent Earth.

Virtual Tour: Guitar in America
This virtual field trip begins at the National Music Museum where you will be introduced to several American guitars. The other stops on the tour take you to cities famous for various styles of guitar music: folk, jazz, blues and rock 'n' roll. For extra credit, complete all (or part) of the Tour Journal questions.