The instructional materials in these seven lessons are just the tip of the iceberg, as far as GarageBand is concerned, but hopefully you are off to a good start. Here are some additional resources:

In GarageBand:

  • Introduction to GarageBand: Help ⇒ Welcome to GarageBand. Following a brief overview the majority of this three-minute video is spent introducing Learn to Play. Apple website tutorials are linked.
  • Download the Manual: Help ⇒ Getting Started PDF. Step-by-step directions, lots of helpful pictures, skip around as needed.
  • Hands-on Help: Make an appointment for a free workshop at your local Apple Store. Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under "Gather, Learn, Create" find "Workshops" then click on "learn more."
  • Shortcuts: Help ⇒ Keyboard Shortcuts. A complete listing of keyboard shortcuts will open in a new window. Clickicon image to print the page.

On the Apple website:

On YouTube:

A search of "GarageBand" came up with over 33,000 results so there is plenty of content out there, but not all is current and not all is high quality (sound, images, resolution). You will probably be able to tell in about 10 seconds whether or not the video is worth watching. Here are some of the better videos I've come across:


The instructional materials on this website were developed for an Instructional Design course that is part of the Master of Educational Technology program at Boise State University. Though my class is over, I will continue to update and add to this website. If you find a typo, would like to send me a song to post, have an idea for a new lesson, or you have a great GarageBand resource to add to this page, please let me know: I would also be very interested to hear any feedback you might have about lesson content. Are the instructions clear? How did you like the tutorials? Was there too much information? Not enough? Did I move through tasks too quickly? Is there enough support for those who are new to GarageBand? Is there enough content for those who have used GarageBand before?

If you're looking for more general "techie" information, please visit my blog: I've neglected it a bit since I started at Boise State, but any comments (questions, requests, etc.) will go directly to my email and I will respond (email or blog) as soon as I can. For additional information, please visit my primary website:


A big 'thank you' to Christine Wells who was my Subject Matter Expert for this project. She took time away from her thesis to provide guidance and advice about the design and instructional materials for this project.


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