Do you want to become more familiar with GarageBand '09? If so, you have come to the right place! This website houses instructional materials and practice items for learning GarageBand basics - like editing, composing and recording - and also includes lessons on importing, exporting and converting audio files. If this is your first experience with GarageBand, it may be helpful to learn a bit about the software before beginning the lessons. The Resources page has links to a number of print and video resources with introductory information about GarageBand.

When you're ready, click on a lesson title below or a tab at the top of the page, to select a lesson. If you are new to GarageBand, I would recommend going through the lessons in order, as most lessons build upon the skills learned in the previous one. If you've used GarageBand before, you may prefer to read the lesson overviews, skim the list of practice items, then select lessons that are of interest. Each lesson includes a video tutorial followed by practice items. Timings indicated are an estimate of the time needed to view the tutorial and apply new skills. Actual time will vary as individuals may choose to spend more time practicing new skills and exploring the software.

Lesson 1: Edit an Audio File

(15 minutes)

In this lesson, you will open a new GarageBand file, modify settings, then name and save the project. You will import a song from your iTunes library and place the cursor at desired locations for editing. You will split, copy, paste, delete, move, and loop regions.

Lesson 2: Compose Using Loops

(20 minutes)

In this lesson, you will use loops to compose a short song for piano, bass and drums. You will sort and reset loops in the loop browser and apply editing skills from the previous lesson as you move, edit or repeat selected loops to create two eight-measure phrases in contrasting styles. If you've composed with loops using earlier versions of GarageBand, you will notice a few new things in GarageBand '09. For those of you who are new to loops, here is a sample:
Click the play button to listen.

Lesson 3: Make an Arrangement

(10 minutes)

In this lesson, you will copy/paste contents of multiple tracks to make a new arrangement of previously composed song material. You will use the Arrangement Track to and label A and B sections of your song.

Lesson 4: Export a GarageBand Project

(10 minutes)

In this lesson, you will burn a single GarageBand project to CD using GarageBand software. Next, you will share a GarageBand project with iTunes, create a playlist, and burn the songs in that playlist to CD.

Lesson 5: Convert Audio Files

(15 minutes)

In this lesson, you will download four audio files, of varying formats, and drag them into into a GarageBand project and iTunes to see if they “go.” You will then use iTunes and Switch software to convert files that are not compatible with GarageBand.

Lesson 6: Import Audio Files

(20 minutes)

In this lesson, you will open import one MIDI file, one .ogg file and one loop from linked online sources, convert them, and add them to a GarageBand project. The tutorial also includes some information about copyright.

Lesson 7: Record Using Real and Software Instruments

(15 minutes)

In this lesson, you will connect a USB microphone and USB keyboard (if available) to your computer. You will set preferences for input and output devices then record using a USB microphone, a USB keyboard, musical typing, and GarageBand's on-screen keyboard.

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