Lesson 4: Export a GarageBand Project

In this lesson, you will burn a single GarageBand project to CD using GarageBand software. Next, you will share a GarageBand project with iTunes, create a playlist, and burn the songs in that playlist to CD.



Would you lilke to look at a piece of paper instead of a web page? Click to download a reference guide (list of menu items and keyboard shortcuts) and the list of practice items for this lesson. Would you like to track your progress? Use the Practice Items pages as a checklist or download the Self-Assessment Rubric.

Reference Guide - Lessons 4-6: Export, Convert, Import (PDF)
Practice Items - Lesson 4: Export a GarageBand Project (PDF)

Practice Items:

step 1Open project in GarageBand.

step 2Burn a single project to CD: Share ⇒ Burn song to CD.

step 3Burn multiple projects/songs to CD using iTunes.

  • Share ⇒ Send song to iTunes.
  • Select playlist that song will be saved to.
  • In iTunes, create new playlist, if desired: File ⇒ New Playlist (⌘N).
  • Drag desired songs into playlist.
  • Click “burn disc.”burn disc icon

step 4Convert song to MP3 (for web).

  • In iTunes, highlight desired song.
  • Advanced ⇒ Create MP3 version.

step 5Locate MP3 version in iTunes and move to desired location.

  • When the song converts, the new version will be saved to your iTunes Library.
  • In iTunes sidebar, click on “Music.”
  • Enter song title in search bar.
  • Multiple versions of the song will appear – highlight song then get info to determine file type.
  • File ⇒ Get info (⌘I).
  • Look for “kind” (mp3, mp4, wav, aac, oog are some possibilities).
  • Drag MP3 version to desired location (playlist, desktop, or folder).


Just when you were getting used to GarageBand terminology, now we are adding iTunes to the mix. Like GarageBand, you can mouse over controls/icons and a description will pop-up. Locations within the iTunes window that we will refer to are labeled on the diagram:

iTunes window image

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